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Readers are leaders, Greetings Great Minds We are glad to have you in the Christian Library where we serve your needs for Christian literature We hope you’ll be truly blessed by the books we have for you at no cost.

Thank you, but note you can’t give what you don’t have.

What’s Our Aim

Good day ELibrary Family, This is to bring to your notice it’s our duty as members to make sure every book you go through let get feed back on how either it has helped you or what you have learned about the message in it , That what we call review or Testimonials* We’re expecting a massive responses from you our members This enables us to take a data on the books and Authors that are making great change in our library… Also helps us to supply the best topics that inspires you and help you. Please family take these as your duty to let us know and fellowship and communicate with you in this way,,,, It’s the only way we connect here in E-library👏🏼👏🏼* *We’re are waiting* SHALOM SHALOM SHALOM 🙏🙏


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